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The Jr Bulldogs are the feeder football and cheer teams for the Fort Zumwalt South High School Bulldogs.

2018 Fall Tackle Registration is NOW OPEN

Please note new and return player options, as well as previous uniforms in good condition. Any questions, please email

Flag Football 2018

Interested in signing up for flag football?


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March 19, 2018

Jr Bulldogs Night at Culver's

A few of the Jr Bulldogs, Jacob Finnegan, Justin Watson, Hank Holland, JD Dunn, Logan Mayer, DJ Murray, Jay Lesley, Gavin Mayer and Ben Wright, as well as Mrs Finnegan, were CHAMPS and helped deliver food that night.

Thank you for your support!!!


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    Laura Keller

    Laura Keller

    Jr Bulldogs Football Club President


    • Anyone can create a Log-in Account
    • Note:  ONLY ONE Log-in Account is necessary per family, so all children in the same family can be on 1 account. 
    • Log-in Account is necessary in order to Register your player.
    • Please be sure to list the email addresses and phone numbers that you wish to receive communications from the Club.  This is the ONLY way the Club will communicate updates.
    • There is no limit to email addresses that can be added to your Log-in Account

    Follow these easy steps to update your account with additional email addresses:

    1. Log-in to your Account
    2. In the top left Menu Bar click the ˅ next to your log-in ID to make a drop-down box appear
    3. Click on Account Settings
    4. On Menu Bar, 3rd Button is “Add Email Address”
    5. Click to add Email Addresses


    The Log-in Account used to create a Registration is the account which will receive the email messages sent from the Club regarding all Teams and Cheer Squads.  This is done because we do not want to send every email to every Log-in Account – Emails will be targeted to the appropriate Team.

    If you have a household with more than one Log-in Account, or two households with different Log-in Accounts are needed, you can link the two accounts by following these steps:  Linking the accounts will ensure messages are received.

    1. Log in to your Account
    2. In the top left Menu Bar click the v next to your log-in ID to make a drop down box appear
    3. Click on Profile
    4. In the Bottom Left Corner see "Linked Accounts"
    5. Click ADD
    6. Enter the email address for the person you want to link accounts with
    7. The other Member will need to access their Dashboard and accept the invitation to link.

    Jr GAC League


    Weekly rankings, league rules.

    Welcome to the Jr Bulldogs Football/Cheer page

    The Junior Bulldogs are the feeder program for the Fort Zumwalt South High School Bulldogs.  The tackle football program will mimic the high school plays both offensive and defensive. Flag football will work on passing and run plays for each grade.

    Create an account (details below) to register to play and/or add yourself to the email lists.  Creating an account ONLY allows for emails, once an account is created, registration for any team is permitted.